Sample introductory dating emails

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Sample introductory dating emails

After all, you’re meant to be building a professional relationship with the person in question.

The opening paragraph is too casual, informal and unprofessional.

It is best to open and close an email using 'Dear' at the beginning and 'Best wishes' or 'Regards' at the end.

'Hi' is not really appropriate for business emails unless you are familiar with the person you are writing to.

Resist the temptation to use the shortcuts of 'text messaging'.

You should always write emails with the same care you would use to write a formal letter.

Always write as though to a managing director – because, until you know otherwise, you might be! It’d be great to discuss this in person, rather than by email.

If you have any further questions on this, don’t hesitate to ask. Kind regards David Many companies insist on using an email 'disclaimer' at the bottom of all their outgoing emails.

As long as you’re professional, courteous and polite, there’s no need to throw anything like this in.

Yes, it’s email, not a letter – but there is no reason or excuse for letting standards drop, or giving the wrong impression. ’ is best avoided, unless you’ve already developed a long-term relationship with the recipient. Finally, always finish with both your full first name (at least) and a proper sign-off.

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If we relax the rules of grammar and clear communication, we will fail to get our message across.